Longford Jazz Festival


September 19th Friday – Venue The Happy Chef 4.00 to 6.00:? Jam session? : set groups —-write name on board as you come in? ——???? 4 numbers per set: 06.00 to 7.30: Dinner with background recorded jazz 7.30 to 9.30:? Introduce venue , sign up musos: Mix and match .???? —Entry $5.00 Saturday morning—Anglican Hall ?Public $10 10.30 am to … Read More

Woolmers Mini Antiques Fair


The Mini Antiques Road Show will be hosted by well-known Launceston identity, Kaye Pickett. View an interesting display of a selection of some of Woolmers? Little Treasures and learn about their history. Enjoy a beautiful home cooked afternoon, tea served on bone china in front of the fire in the Servants Kitchen. Bring along one of your own special treasures … Read More

Tasmanian Garden Natives

Correa alba

Although the majority of the plants in this beautiful garden at The Racecourse Inn are exotics, there are some lovely little Tasmanian natives hidden in the mix, including two?of my favourites, Correa alba, and Crowea exalata, the Small Crowea, both also native to NSW, where I grew up. ?This lovely Correa alba has soft,?grey green leaves, with star shaped flowers … Read More

Agfest 2015


Agfest 2015 at Carrick Tasmania - accommodation at The Racecourse Inn, Longford

Agfest is an event organised by the volunteer members of the Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania who spend countless hours organising and working to ensure everyone enjoys the Agfest experience, this year being held on 7th, 8th & 9th May 2015 at Quercus Youth Park, Carrick, in Tasmania’s northern midlands.


A Heritage Festival signature event. The Winter Festival will launch a sculpture exhibition to challenge your view of conflict and compassion. Set in the heritage coach house and stables surrounding the Clarendon Green, the Festival is a complete arts experience with working artists’ stalls, food, wine, whisky and song, pony rides. Music and fashions from WW1 to 1940s. Working horses … Read More