2015 Longford Show

Images from the 2015 Longford Show at the Longford Showground. ?? Annabelle Sandes and Richard Costin | Kimberley Media, The Racecourse Inn, Longford.

2015 Tasmanian Trout fishing season opens August 1

An adult Rainbow trout

The majority of Tasmania’s inland waterways are officially open for the 2015 Trout Fishing season on?Saturday 1st?August, with the Inland Fishery Service stocking fisheries around Tasmania with adult Brown trout from highland streams. ? Recent snow falls will see rivers rising for the start of the season.   Licences are available from the Inland Fishery website.? You can read about … Read More

Tasmanian Garden Natives

Correa alba

Although the majority of the plants in this beautiful garden at The Racecourse Inn are exotics, there are some lovely little Tasmanian natives hidden in the mix, including two?of my favourites, Correa alba, and Crowea exalata, the Small Crowea, both also native to NSW, where I grew up. ?This lovely Correa alba has soft,?grey green leaves, with star shaped flowers … Read More

Welcome to our new chooks

We attended the Longford Poultry Auction on Sunday at the Longford Showground, and came home with ten new girls, who moved into rustic surrounds on Sunday at The Racecourse Inn, in a repurposed chook shed. ?The new recruits are Columbian Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, Light Sussex and Leghorns. ?The girls seem to be adapting to their new surroundings, and we … Read More

Brickendon Farm Estate

Brickdendon Farm, Longford

Five minutes drive from The Racecourse Inn is Brickendon Farm, one of Australia’s oldest farming properties, which has been continuously farmed by the Archer Family since 1824. ?Situated on the alluvial soils of the Norfolk Plains, on the banks of the Macquarie River, Brickendon lies next to Woolmers, also an?important convict estate. In July 2010 Brickendon and nearby Woolmers were … Read More

Longford features in Australian Traveller Magazine

Woolmers Estate at Longford, Tasmania. Stay at the Racecourse Inn.

The beautiful village of Longford has featured in this month’s Australian Traveller Magazine as one of the “100 Amazing Places you haven’t been to yet”. ?Nominated by Annabelle Sandes, formerly of Broome, and now owner of the Racecourse Inn at Longford with partner Richard Costin, Longford is home to World Heritage Listed Woolmers Estate, home of the National Rose Garden … Read More

The Railway Hotel, now the Racecourse Inn, Longford

The Racecourse Inn, heritage accommodation in historic Longford, Tasmania

The Racecourse Inn was?originally intended to serve as?the Longford Railway Station, when the line was to run through Longford and?Cressy and then northwards. Construction of a railway was first considered after the establishment of “responsible government” in 1856, with the first track planned to run between Longford and Deloraine. The line was re-routed and the building?instead became the Racecourse Hotel, … Read More